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A brother living in East Acton always wanted to pray in the Masjid but there was no Masjid in the area. One day he saw an empty property at 6 Western Avenue, East Acton, W3 7UD. Originally this was a branch of NatWest Bank for a long time, when they moved out a firm of Solicitors moved in and occupied these premises for a number of years, and now it was empty. Allah accepted Du'aas of that brother and local Muslim community living in East Acton.

So the first time Adhan was called out and Jamaa prayer was performed on 08 Feb 2011. A group of skilled volunteers worked very hard to refurbish this property, as breaking bit-by-bit a very big and strong metal bank safe was not an easy task by any means. Lot of strong cutting tools would break but not the safe. By shear hard work and with the help from Allah, their efforts were accepted and finally job was completed. 

May Allah give all those Brothers and any body else who have contributed to build this Mosque, great reward and accept it as Sadqa-e-Jaria. 

The Masjid is run by brothers and sisters who live local in the area. All brothers and sisters are welcome to send their comments and suggestions to the Masjid at:

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